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Fresno, CA

Racism, Rednecks, Repression by Evangelicals - 3/7/2019
Awful and Racist. My family has lived in Fresno for over 100 years. The entire Central Valley has a history of the KKK and the signs can be seen in Fresno. And yes, I said the KKK as in the Ku Klux Klan. There's actual historical evidence and newspaper articles asserting it.

In 2011 the Fresno Bee reported the that "a Klan bar" that had existed in Fresno County was now closing. It's interesting that the Fresno Bee never even mentioned it until it closed. In December of 2018, Governor elect Gavin Newsom came for a town hall meeting. He was met and stalked by Right wing nutcase Bergaum from Frontline America. The Fresno Sheriff has been rumored to have KKK and it was more than obviously when Fresno Deputies gently and kindly asked Ben to leave the premises after he had stalked and harrassed Gov. Newsom. I never thought I would see cops be so sweet to a man after that man showed he was a danger to the Governor of California.

In addition, I personally was also threatened with a visit from the local KKK after I had remarked that the County animal shelter Fresno Humane was racist towards Blacks and Latinos. Seriously, people are so racist in Fresno that even the cat and dog shelter shows racism and has KKK people defending them. Moreover, my former husband confided that as a teen the KKK had attempted to recruit him.

There's some holdovers from the South. Like if you're a person of color and go shopping and have the nerve to look like you have disposable income you'll soon encounter white women playing a subte game of chicken with their carts. They will head straight toward you until you give them the right of way.

The local government right wing and corrupt. It's all a good ole boy system The local government only cares about real estate developers. One of the women on the City Council is even romantically involved with a land developer.

Overall Fresno is very racially divided between White and Latinos. The reason is that alot of the White people come from redneck stock. So even if they are lawyers and teaches or the politicians. So they tend to treat the Latino people badly. The Latinos are generally nice and polite, but they avoid White people due to being aware of the intense racism.

If you're in animal lover Fresno will break your heart. The local government doesn't care about companion animals. Even with numerous reports of animal cruelty being done at the local animal shelter, the CCSPCA, no government official will move to stop it. They just looked the other way and allow the animal cruelty at the CCSPCA to continue. There are all sorts of homeless cats and dogs everywhere, but the locals here have become so callous towards it they see it as "natural". It's truly barbaric in this respect. One should not that Fresno District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp has an in law that's on the Board of the CCSPCA so that's likely why the CCSPCA avoids any accountability.

Fresno is highly Evangelical. It's keeps a hold on mostly the women's minds. In a way, the Evangelical Church in Fresno has made it so women keep their place and forgive almost any type of abuse from their male partner. It also keeps women from demanding rights since the church convinces women to pray to God and wait for Jesus to solve any problem. It's really sad to watch.

Right Wing talk radio is popular with the men. These radio shows pretty much demonize everything so that even if the women wanted to bring up a topic the men would shoot it down before she finished her sentence. Fresno is a very repressive town.

It's really a shame.If not for the local government being corrupt, the KKK, and the racism, the rednecks, the repression, the Evangelical Church, and hate monger Right radio playing 24/7, Fresno might have had a chance.


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