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Huntington Beach, CA

I wish I grew up in HB - 7/16/2009
By the time I could afford HB, I was already finished with college. But it was nice to show people where I grew up (ashamed of the location) where I moved on up to. The only thing is the high cost wiped out the cool beach type people vibe and a lot of stuffy corporate types started moving in along with the element from Santa Ana and Westminster. Let's see what HB becomes after this recession.

Sacramento, CA

Cow Town - 7/16/2009
Good bars and night clubs and people here love to drink. Remarkably, people are friendly in the nightlife setting. Mixed demographics, hot girls, HORRIBLE DRIVERS - can't even switch lanes without taking your front end off. More blue collar than white collar jobs and jobs are hard to come by. Traffic is fairly light for a city of this size.

Daly City, CA

Hell hole of Earth - 7/16/2009
High crime, overweight people. English is not the official language. 20 people live in a house. Weather stinks - forget working on your tan for Baywatch tryouts. Not to mention horrible drivers.

Irvine, CA

re: OC - Only Chinese - 8/3/2008
- 7/16/2009
Sounds like San Franciso. I'm sure you get cut off in traffic a lot more now.

Rocklin, CA

Racism - 7/16/2009
I find Rocklin to be full of racist hillbillies.

Roseville, CA

Interesting Place - 7/16/2009
Brand new developments, inexpensive golf courses, really good looking women without plastic surgery, lots of families, lots of shops and places to eat, poor drivers along Galleria Blvd (do not know how to change lanes). Some people are natives, others are from the bay area, washington and Los Angeles - no one culture exists. Roseville looks quite similar to Irvine, but the vibe is hard to put a finger on since people here come from everywhere. The guys are arrogant (I have no idea of where this stems from). The adjacent city, Rocklin, is a bunch of racist hillbillies.

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