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Greensboro, NC

great place
- 8/16/2021
Agreed. We’ve saved so much money living in Greensboro because there truly is nothing going on here. There are only a handful of restaurants that are okay so we just cook at home. People are odd here so we don’t even go out to socialize anymore. Can’t wait to move far away…

Greensboro, NC

Not a Good Place to Live - 8/16/2021
My fiancé and I moved here for her job. While we immediately found the city quite dull, we decided to give it a year or two to see if things improved. The more we got to know Greensboro, the worse it became. It’s boring and depressing. People are unfriendly and have a chip on their shoulder. There is very little to do and it’s hard to make friends. It definitely feels like a Twilight Zone or like you’ve stepped back in time by 15 years. Sure, housing is affordable but you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth it to buy a big house if it means living in this city…

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