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Oregon, OR

Great for show. - 11/28/2022
Honestly it's not as bad as people say. I moved out of state, but that's only because Oregon was the only place I knew. I don't regret moving but Oregon as a whole is a very nice place for families. There is great diversity wherever you go and always something to do (assuming you live near a major city ; Portland, Eugene, Medford, Ashland). If you're a nature person then this place is amazing. One thing I did not like was our winters. Im not a cold person. It would be nice if it snowed when it got really cold. Unfortunately it is just freezing and wet (rain). Summers are great, but our oceans are not great to swim in. WAY too cold. If you're wanting warm water then go to Southern California.
While it is an extremely expensive place to live now (almost just as bad as California in terms of living expenses) we have many programs to help people getting into home. However it is easy to get kicked out if you are on drugs, underreport income, etc.

Living expense is the only thing keeping this from being 5 stars.

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