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San Antonio, TX

Cultural, Unique, Educated, Family-Orient - 1/20/2019
I agree with this , people in San Antonio are generally ignorant and are more concerned with getting tattoos, drinking and staying ignorant. Achievements are frowned upon there.

"North of there" if you are talking about Austin I would have to say that Austin is bum heaven and people there are trailer park druggies and all around garbage.

Texas seems like a total waste of time, the peopel are arrogant, uneducated, generally wuality of life is trash and nothing to do in the whole state but shop, eat, drink and act like a fool. Most ANY other state has more to offer. We can talk about job markets, but Texas heavily incentivized companies to move there. Workers followed, but mostly low paying junk jobs. If you have a degree above a Associates you are better in ANY other state.

San Antonio, TX

San Antonio (Truth no one wants to say) - 1/20/2019
Sperlings is censoring reviews about the high crime and increase in violent crime in San Antonio.

When you look at teh crime rates they coincide with the influx of lowlives from New Orleans that were let into the city after they cried in Louisiana about hurricane in 2016. The naieve city of San Antonio let the criminals in from one of the most murderous city in the country (New Orleans).

Not only that the violent crime and shootings used to mostly be relegated to teh West Side or East Side. Now they are EVERYWHERE. Just in the first week of this year there were dozens of violent crimes. We are talking drive by, armed robbery, murder, just insane criminality.

With the New Orleans junkies came the increase in drug use as well, we are talking heavy drug like meth. Not to mention bums are now started to be numerous. This place is turning to Austin (a city 1 hour from here that is a liberal dump filled with drug addicted garbage and junkies and overpriced apartments and homes)

One thing you will notice is that almost everyone has tattoos in this city. Nowhere elese that I have lived have I seen so many losers with tats all over and thinking its cool. (I guess its ok if you plan on working Min wage the rest of your life).

DO NOT move to San Antonio if you are career minded, family oriented or educated. You will be the odd one out. You will be living in a sea of failures who will resent you because you have more.

Trust me when I say that you will be wasting your life in San Antonio and you will have almost no quality of life unless you consider drinking everyday and eating until you become obese a fun thing to do. I moved away just recently and the difference in my quality of life is amazing. No more tatted up losers everywhere I look, achievements are not frowned upon and no more brain dead behavior.


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