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Bellevue, WA

Best place to live, period! - 1/17/2018
I became a Bellevue resident twelve years ago after moving from Germany; I never lived anywhere else in the USA and have no intention of "experimenting". I also traveled the country (US) from coast to coast on my motorcycle, I traveled the west coast up and down multiple times and I meat people in the most remote locations, I had the opportunity to see more of the US than probably 99% of the population all-together and my mind is clear in this respect, Bellevue can't be beaten. Someone said "if you can afford it", which is sort of true because regardless of the location, you need to be able to afford housing and living. The matter of the fact is that Bellevue WA has great income opportunities and this is why housing/living is priced accordingly. Weather is ideal; it rains more in Stuttgart (where I moved from) and climate is better at any point in time here. Activities not able to do need to be invented... Dining, shopping, culturally, socially, you name it, it's there at high class. Traffic is the least stressful for a city of it's size (we need to compare apples to apples), however the streets could be better paved :). Gas is not on the lower end of pricing, but it's still half the price you pay for it in the least expensive market in Europe and only 10-20% higher than other places on the west coast. People are well dressed, cars are shiny, streets are clean, pubs are packed, the spirit is great, people still greet each-other on the streets (like old times), crime is almost non-existent... Beat that! P.S. A big welcome to anyone who visits and/or moves to our beautiful city!

Bellevue, WA

re: Extreme unfriendliness and passive-aggressive
- 1/17/2018
You "know" better how friendliness works because it looks like you're from S.F. which I personally don't know anyone even playing with the idea of moving there... Let me tell you this: Bellevue WA is one of the friendliest places in our country; people are open to meeting new people (also it ranked among first 10 best places to date, if that matters) and nobody is "excluded", if that matters...

Bellevue, WA

re: Cost of house
- 1/17/2018
Actually there is no "bad" school; it's only good and very good. The best school is not even in the most expensive area, so I don't exactly know what you mean... Yes, housing comes with a price tag, but so is the income as well (high), which brings us back to a healthy balance. I havan't heard about best schools in the poorest areas across the nation...

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