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Las Vegas, NV

It’s hot, windy and too much crime - 4/4/2019
we moved from the Bay Area almost 4 years ago. We live in the lakes, and it’s nice for walking and biking if the weather permits, although where we lived in the Bay Area had much more to offer, but not as easy to access without a short drive. The cost of living is much cheaper here, but you get what you pay for. The summers are so unbearably hot. I don’t go outside during the day for many months. And the wind is ridiculous at times. It’s been a challenge to remember not to leave the outdoor furniture unattended ,otherwise it will end up in your pool or crashing into a window. In addition,everything becomes a dusty mess.

If I could, I’d move back to the Bay Area. Nothing beats the weather there, and it’s far more green not to mention the bay is lovely, but we cannot afford to buy our old home back if we wanted to. Although prices have increased here, they’re way below the value of California. We thought if the homes prices continue to go up, we may have a chance to return to California. Unfortunately, many economists are stating the home values are overpriced by nearly 20%. I’m not sure how Las Vegas will be able to sustain the current prices. We’ve all heard the rumors a recession is coming, and the first businesses to feel the effects are gambling industries and resort settings. Ugh! If we had invested all our monies into our home here in Vegas, we could likely return to California. Unfortunately, we bought a home for half the value we sold ours for, and now we’re stuck because we tied up our monies in investments.

My biggest complaint here is the crime. The crime is horrible. However, we are stuck and considering moving elsewhere equally affordable if possible.

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