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Largo, FL

general opinion - 7/5/2007
I've lived in Largo for 3 yrs. moving here from New England. As with all of Florida, things are very costly...you've got to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief or a dope dealer to afford your own home anymore! Finding a virgin in a strip club is easier than getting homeowners insurance and taxes will get you to seriously think about bank robbery as a means to pay them. We are told jobs are abundant.... if you want to mow lawns or talk on the phone all day selling. I travel all over Pinellas County daily, (I'm a school bus driver) and let me tell you that jungle combat is not as scary as driving in our traffic especialy when the deadly snow bird migrates in every winter! But, I must say this to all.....the sun shines every day, E V E R Y D A Y and that makes living here worth it. The best beaches in the world are just down the street and there are fine restaurants and shopping and watery, outdorsy thing to do!!!! If you have money, this is the place to be because life can be grand for you here. If you don't have much than stay away but know this: you can still do okay here on a two person income if you employ the tactics of frugality and a little monitary self restrain. Only time will tell if all of Florida winds up as a two class (rich-poor & no one in between) state but untill then sit in the shade & pass down a cold one!

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