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Staten Island, NY

It is pretty, but expensive and has crowded roads. - 7/30/2019
Expensive housing. Lots of traffic at times, but still many times nicer than the rest of NYC. Staten Island has a few beautiful beaches, and overall most of the people are very nice. Many of the people aren't stereotypical New Yorkers, but some are. The southern part of the Island has less traffic and crime.There is a lot to see and do. There are more wild, undeveloped areas than in other parts of NYC. The southern end of the Island has a suburban feel.

Terrytown, LA

Terrytown was once great, but it still has charms. - 8/19/2018
Not as nice as it was before Katrina. Many of the original residents moved, and have been replaced by people from New Orleans. There are many homes rented that were once owned by homeowners. The food is still the greatest in the world, and there are still some awesome people. Some areas are safe at night, and others are dangerous.

Elizabethtown, PA

Not pet-friendly. Nicer than communities west of t - 10/5/2016
If you are a dog owner there is no place with in the town to enjoy time with your pet. Southeastern PA's westernmost town offers train service, in fact good, Amtrak service. You are still able to receive most Philadelphia telex=vision stations, as well as channe1 11 from Baltimore. There isn't really a lot to do. It is a great place if you are white, Protestant, and some one who is a homebody.

Glasgow, DE

Glasgow DE a perfect fit for some - 10/1/2016
Glasgow is a unincorporated town just south of Newark. Glasgow is racially diverse, with a sizable mix of whites, blacks, asians and hispanics. It is a place for families and seniors, but not a perfect match for singles or gays. There is very little nightlife, but there are lots of liquor stores. Glasgow has three shopping centers and a large park. It is very pet-friendly. There are lots of churches, the largest is Saint Margaret of Scotland RC Church. It is the beginning of the South with northernmost stands of loblolly pines and willow oaks, cottonmouth snakes, and ABC stores. There are lots of eating places. It is convenient to larger east coast cities, and housing is somewhat expensive.

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