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Independence, MO
Frustrated resident
Posted On: 10/29/2012 7:10:53 AM
If you like living around drug addicts (meth heads in particular), rowdy, bad ass kids, hillbillies and ghetto fools, move to Independence, MO STAT.

We've lived in one of the "nicer neighborhoods" in Independence for the last 3.5 years and we are getting out! When we moved in everything seemed normal. People cared for their houses and lawns and for the most part it was a quiet neighborhood. After a year of living here, we noticed as new residents were moving in and older residents were moving out that things began to decline. Now, two and a half years later, this neighborhood is turning into a glorified trailer park/ghetto because somehow these morons are able to get loans to buy houses.

Also, we have seen and increase in crime. Three times SWAT has been to our neighborhood to bust people for God only knows what. One time they came because some meth head locked himself in his house and threatened to kill himself. Sorry, but the police did not do society a favor by saving THAT fool. A couple of months later, he ended up wrecking into my neighbors NEW camper because he was driving while high and drunk! We've had teenagers destroying property. One car full of teenagers drove over our lawn! The kids are out of control and the parents don't care. The fire dept. is constantly here because someone is catching something on fire in their home (Hmmm I wonder what that could be all about? *eye roll*).

Everything is going downhill FAST here! And it is not just restricted to our neighborhood. Just going around town running errands I can tell that the town is on the decline. I am constantly having to pull to the side of the road to let cops go by (very annoying). I hate going shopping because some half cocked drug addict will walk up to my kids to tell them how cute they are and then when they say something beyond that it makes absolutely no sense because they are high. There is an increase in vagrants (they are everywhere). I am to the point that I don't go out shopping once it turns dark. I have been out a few times at night and EVERY time I go out there is some fool(s) getting their cars searched with open containers sitting on the car and they are being arrested. However, the only reason they have are on the side of the road in the first place is because they caused a car accident or they've plowed through a fence or hit a tree. Our neighbors that lives on the corner only two houses down from us had some drunk plow through their fence only a week after they moved in (welcome to the neighborhood??).

The police dept. is lackluster. The only time they will enforce the law is if someone's life is in immediate danger (which apparently is on the increase). Otherwise, they turn their heads to "minor" criminal behavior.

In a nutshell, if you value your life and sanity, DO NOT MOVE TO INDEPENDENCE, MO.

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Independence, MO

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