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Scottsdale, AZ

You all understand why Scottsdale is the way it is - 12/17/2014
Here's the thing, Scottsdale has less people per square mile than say, Phoenix. So each individual is paying higher property taxes. Which takes money. Areas that have money, get a reputation.

So I'm a native Arizonan. My youth was Phoenix & Glendale & Scottsdale was "Snotsdale". That was just the way it was. But to others, it was something to achieve. Like how all the rappers brand drop in their raps, many Arizonans aspired to "finally" live where the money was because, that means they have money.
But unfortunately that mindset only brings you into circles where people think the same way.

I have lived in Scottsdale for 12 years. It is a great place to raise a family and I am now convinced the sad, money & status hungry ghouls are not in my neighborhood. They're all in Old Town or close to it. I don't talk to vapid people and everyone I know is REAL. The people that we associate with are people who actually try to make a difference in this town and that alone changes the game.

If you change your goal and the people you associate with you will see a different Scottsdale.

Prescott, AZ

Would you move to Prescott if you've lived in Phx/ - 10/26/2009
We're considering this. Guy from NY scared me though.

Water - how bad is it? Intelligence - how bad is it?

In Scottsdale we own a small business, we have children, we love Prescott. Visiting for events, going fishing or just a day trip & having lunch. Prescott is my favorite place to be. But WOULD it if I lived there??

Scottsdale has great dining - it seems Prescott does too. Beautiful homes too. We eat & live naturally and organically - it seems Prescott could support this. I'm still researching schools & I'm not sure I've found the gym of my dreams but so far...everything is comparable. And the temps?? Ahhhhh....you got me. If I could leave 110 degree summers behind I'd be in heaven!!

This site doesn't seem like it's too busy lately but I'm truly hoping someone has some answers.

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