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Lansing, MI

Lansing Is really nice but a little caution - 9/25/2018
This is a really nice place to live and people here are friendly there is a lot to do and a wide variety of different people and belief systems if you know where to look so you can find some place to fit in. They have nice parks and its kept up a lot better than many michigan cities outside of a few small rundown looking areas I will give them that. However just be aware the downtown area is not somewhere you want to hang out or the neighborhoods near it. It is very unsafe around the cata station. There are a lot of homeless people and drugs and crime things like that. So I avoid it but there are some really great neighborhoods in the city just be careful and research before moving. I think overall it's a pretty cool place though.

Detroit, MI

Hellhole - 9/2/2018
Not a fan of this place at all. There has never really been a time I was visiting here for anything good. Let's say I almost got murdered here twice, the place is scary and post apocalyptic is the best way I can describe it. I am happy I will never have to set foot in this city ever again. If your white not to be racist stay as far away from here as you can and if you ever do end up here for any reason not of your own choosing I hope and pray you live to see tomorrow. That is how bad and scary this place is.

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