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Hattiesburg, MS

Not what it was. - 10/26/2017
More crime. More Homeless. Horrible drug problem.
Extremely expensive housing.
Always hit with some kind of TAX.
Property taxes very high.
Beautiful but just to expensive.

North Carolina, NC

re: Keep an open Mind
- 6/1/2017
I love your comment. My people were all from the South originally. I was born in San Diego CA. I always refer to myself as a Southerner since it's Southern California.
I love the South and the people who live there. Yes they can be different. But so are the rest of us. Be kind be smart and stay away from religion and politics. Just smile and say.... I'm still work'n on that. Then laugh. Going to move to NC in 2 years.

Minneapolis, MN

re: Looking to Move to either Oregon, Texas or Geo
- 4/16/2016
I live in Portland and love it very much.
But it's housing is going up saverly as is the population.
Wages are low depending on what you do.
Rents a very high as is the cost of living.
The people are accepting and fun. It is educated and cultural.
So it rains. It rains more in Raleigh NC. And in NY. Weather is mild compared to many other places. But the people are HOT. If your not accepting of people's life style then this is not the place for you.
Austin another hot place. It too is getting to be rather sprawling with to much buliding and traffic.
But fun and entertaining. People are great there as well.
I know nothing about Atlanta. Was there for a rather short visit once when running away from a Hurricane. Hot but friendly and fun. Also getting rather crowded.
Hope you found your spot of heaven. Not Houston. No No

Waco, TX

- 4/16/2016
Nervous about living somewhere so hot, but have family in Texas.
Just want to fell welcome in the community and not worry about Tornado's.
Lord I've lived in Earth Quake country for 70 years. I do not want to listen to Sirens going off to head to the cellar. On the other hand it is very affordable and I Love Chip and Jo Jo.
But I'm sure there is a waiting list miles long on that one. I'm sure there company is quite busy in 2016.
I have been looking at Real Estate but am unable to do much at this time.
We have lived in Portland Oregon for the last 7 years and before that I was born and raised in San Diego Ca. My husband in DC.
My Mother is here in a home where she is treated for Dementia. She is also from Texas.
She is 89 and I'm not sure up rooting her is good for her right now. Although if I ask her she would be spot on it. Of course 5 seconds later she will forget. She is a whoot and we love her.
So not sure how long it will be.
We love her and aren't ready to loose her anytime soon. She is my Mama.
Hope to hear from you.

Raleigh, NC

re: Real Expectations of the Triangle - 2/22/2014
- 4/16/2016
Wow. After reading some of these reviews, I must admit to being unsure about moving to Raleigh.
For 63 years I lived in San Diego Ca. For the last 7 we have lived in Portland Oregon.
Because it is getting expensive here we have decided moving to Raleigh could be a new adventure for us.
We have never tried to change things that cannot be changed around us. We like Community and fitting in and learning. My husband was born in DC and considers himself a Southern person.
Both my parent were from the South. And I'm a member of the UDC. Something I'm very proud of.
My Husband does speaking on the Civil War. It is his passion.
The thought of people talking about us as mentioned in other posts is rather upsetting to say the least.
We love people and enjoy conversation and laughter.
Maybe we wouldn't fit in. I understand some peoples feelings about Norther people. They aren't all that way. But there are some in our community now that would rather we change not them.
We take it with a grain of salt and except the fact that like many of us, it's all about where you were born and are from. It is what it is.
I hope after all this time since your review that I doo hear something back.

Raleigh, NC

Hoping to get back to the reviews I was reading about Raleigh NC.
Makes me nervous about moving there.
Although I read a couple they seemed very fair and not at all angry.
So hoping to see more reviews.

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