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Fayetteville, AR

Regret Moving Here - 1/25/2016
For those of you thinking about moving to Fayetteville...DON`T DO IT!
Fayetteville (in fact most of Arkansas) is filthy. Poverty is everywhere. More people than not have no pride in their houses or property. People just pile up junk and garbage out in their yards etc. So many houses look as if they should have been demolished years ago. This also goes for the buildings throughout the city as well. Obviously no ordinances. Going out to eat is almost impossible since every place I have been in is disgustingly gross. Sticky seats and tables, dried on foods on the walls by the seating areas, floors that don`t look like they have been washed in weeks, no gloves being used when handling the food, the list goes on and on. They apparently have no inspectors for anything. I would have thought they would at least have nice Walmarts here since a lot of Walmart exec stuff goes on around here but their Walmarts (especially Springdales) are very sketchy, rundown dives. The parks and lakes are not kept up either. The so called southern charm means being nice to your face and turning around to gossip about the newcomers who do not belong unless you have grown up here and/or have extended family here. I could go on and on about why not to move here.I will end with the "Natural State" means exactly what it says which means there is no bug/mequito control and no weed control. Oh and no curbs or decent roads.

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