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Deer Trail, CO

348 people - 9/30/2016
I could live here

Pueblo, CO

a box I can afford - 9/30/2016
I would like to move to Pueblo, my company will not give transfers with an automatic raise because they are bound corporate HR policy which states " no employee is allowed to progress at the expense of the company " . My base Salary is 48 K a yr could I afford a box or a closet in Pueblo ? will I have to be Bi-lingual ? I only know how to yell at children and spouses in Spanish. Is it mandatory that you must own a Harley to live there ? is there a 24 hour restaurant or Walgreens ? is there a local micro brew pub ? what time do people normally get up on Sunday ? is there pressure to use marijuana even if you don't wanna ?

Denver, CO

a box I can afford - 9/27/2016
is there some where I can rent a box or closet to live in ?

Denver, CO

You can rent a closet - 9/22/2016
In every major city on the front range you can now afford to rent a closet it is awesome and you can eat soup ! . with the exception of Pueblo there is not one city on the front range where a person making $ 20.00 an hour or under can afford to rent a closet but it is fantastic !
the quality of air ( cough , cough ) , the traffic gridlock , the commute time from where one can actually afford to live ( Brush, Sterling,Limon )is not bad if you can sleep while driving to and from work. Don't get me wrongthis is the place!. get away to the mountains on weekends and spend all of Sunday night trying to get home, it is great. I plan on buying one of those " mini houses " and placing it on 1/10 acre lot now being Sold by Wallymart on line.

Denver, CO

awesome place to live - 9/19/2016
This place is fantastic !I have My rent is not to bad , I live in the basement of a box under a bridge but my dog does not mind. The climate is fantastic except in January when my sterno can bill goes way up ! I usually stock up on newspaper to line my Box. The cosmopolitan areas of the city are great , I can find just about anything to eat and I can afford it! . I just go around back and ask for left overs.

Sterling, CO

affordable city ! - 9/19/2016
I finally found a place I can afford to live in Colorado , only problem is the commute to Littleton is over 2 hours on the way home from work. So I leave for work on the day I get off before I go home from work .

Colorado, CO

way too expensive you guys are crazy - 9/19/2016
I love it ! I get to wake up every morning at 5 Am and eat soup ! I get live in a box by myself fro the rest of my life ! its wonderful ....

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