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Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Transportation and Warehousing


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Charlotte, NC

re: Skeptical - 4/6/2013
- 4/4/2014
did u ever move to nc..I want to relocate from pa..south west pa..i have a job already.. but not sure if I should take it if its that bad there . I talked to the guy he seamed to be pretty cool. bout the job..but just need to know if I should only have a day or so before I need to go ..so if u can help would be a big help

Charlotte, NC

re: Charlotte is Really a Great Place to Live (but
- 4/4/2014
I have a job out of Cornelius nc..14 hr ..with time an half after 40..will be more money than iam mmakeing now in pa..i have to leave soon if iam decide to go..iam 46 single male..i keep to my self but like to pour a few back. ride my fourwheeler..and have fun..should I leave here to take job??? I read a lot of thing on here saying I should live in nc???

Cornelius, NC

ok so is it a good place to relocate. - 4/4/2014
moving from a small town south of Pittsburgh..nothing here but the dam gas well stuff .not for me..i got a job in Cornelius north calolina..is it worth moving..iam a single 46 male ..I like to drink a few once an awhile . and ride my fourwheeler..the job is driving dump truck.for $14 hr..with time and half after 40 .. plus I don't work yr round here .in pa.. 8 months..make so ,so money..i will work yr round there in nc.so please let me know need to pack in a day or two.. if I decide to leave..

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