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Sarasota, FL

Great place - but expensive - 6/5/2018
I moved here in 2009 from out west. I fell in love with Sarasota when I was exploring while looking for a new place to live. I wanted beaches, great weather, and culture. Check, check, check. Lots of restaurants and shopping, too. But, you will take a big pay cut to live here and the cost of living is high. If you're buying a home, you won't get much for your money. If you buy and condo or townhome, tack on a chunk for monthly/quarterly fees. And watch those flood zones -- you can end up paying a fortune in insurance. Rentals are hard to find and they are expensive. It has its bad sections, as any city does. There is a huge homelessness problem that the City just can't seem to figure out. It is very hot and humid about half the year, but winters are great. Season (October - April) is crowded and traffic is heavy. I've just started researching my next move, as I want to buy a nice home in a smaller beach town that's more affordable than here. There is a stunning amount of wealth here, so if you're at least affluent, this will be your kinda place. I'm not. Far from it. So, to summarize, there are things I really enjoy about Sarasota, but I can find those things in or near a place that is more suited to my much lower budget.

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