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Arroyo Grande, CA

Beauty and the Beast - 9/13/2007
The beauty:
I live on a plateau overlooking the beach south of Pismo. It is incredibly beautiful. We have the beaches,lakes and marshes. Lots of trees. Mostly oaks in the north end of San Luis Obispo County and Eucalyptus around where I live. Plenty of ranches. Big horse community. Lots of mountains, trails and sand dunes. Huge wine country, resorts with plenty of culture and shopping. The people are very friendly. Especially the "old timers". Almost heaven.

The beast:
The problem is the demographics. We have a very high percentage of retired transplants who can afford million dollar homes and college students who are temporary which allows local employers to pay minimal salaries. It really says a lot about an area when you cannot get people in the medical field to move here because they can't afford the cost of living.

The cost of living does not equate to salaries paid. It is almost impossible for an average family even with two incomes to be able to survive here,let alone purchase real estate.

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