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San Antonio, TX

Unexciting for single 20 somethings - 8/2/2022
I lived in San Antonio for about 7 months or so, and for a reason!
Like anywhere I think SA has its pros and cons, but ultimately being in my early 20s and single I believe there are better places to live in these circumstances (hint hint Austin, Seattle, etc.) However, I do think that the city could be a good place for a family to settle as there are a variety of family orientated things to do. I just found it to be boring and frequently had to FIND something to do, whereas something to do would find me wherever I was in Austin or Houston. Does that make sense?

-low cost of rent (lease, apartments etc.)

-variety of TEX MEX food (emphasize Tex-Mex, the closest to authentic Mexican food you'll find are whole on the walls, other than that you've got to be at the border towns to get a real feel of what Mexican food taste like. The whole taco/burrito mixup had me confused when I moved to central TX from El Paso area)

-generally friendly people from my experience

-day trip to the beach is easy

-I think the city is easy to navigate through with the inner and outer loops

-relatively easy to find work


-personally I dont care for the lack of shade and consistently brown grass (I suppose after a lot of travel out of state and going to Austin and east Texas you realize how dry SA is)

-lack of shade in a lot of the walking trails

-lots of litter and trash throughout the city!

-not the most physically active city when it comes to doing outdoors things (is kayaking even a thing here?!)

-unbearably hot during the summer

-can get quite boring to me real quick (art events and free music events are more frequent in other Texas cities)

-Constant road construction that goes beyond delayed

-downtown and a lot of the parts of the city could definitely use some aesthetic touch up

Overall I personally wouldn't move back to the city. Cool things to do here and there but not for me in the long run.


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