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Copperas Cove, TX

Not too bad in town- but way too hot! - 9/4/2007
I have to say, Copperas Cove has its ups and downs like anywhere else on a decent level. The weather is the real kicker though- I lived in Copperas Cove for 7 years and then moved to New Mexico (just one state over). I had been in New Mexico for less than a year and then came back in the winter. I had to wear t-shirts and attempt to stick myself in the freezer to keep myself from having a heat stroke! No joke and no exaggeration!! Central Texas is a place that I wouldn't suggest moving to on a whim. You have to make sure that you stay above your regular hydration level and bring all the sunscreen you can find! I didn't find it hard at all to find jobs when I was looking for one. People are very pleasant there, it's just the concept that everyone is always in your life and gossip is the lady's best friend that is hard to cope with. 'Cove' has renovated the old downtown theater from its original state (everyone was afraid of going there because of infestation and bad seating) but now has been fixed and is a landmark of pride for the city. They have 'Rabbit Fest' that is their annual festival and open to the public to attend for a small fee. The schools still need to work on furthering the education instead of only promoting the importance of football.

Alamogordo, NM

plain and simple- don't move here! - 9/4/2007
I hate to be the pessimist here, but if I had known what this place would be like when we got the choice of Alamogordo, NM or Germany- I would have chose Germany hands-down! I'm a young adult, female Hispanice, married for 2 years- this place has almost torn me and my husband apart! For our anniversary this year we had to go 'food-tasting' because we were on a budget and there's nothing to do here! You have to drive at least an hour to go do anything fun- here it's mexican food, chinese food, american food, and your occasional outdoor sports. They have a couple bike shops and a long road that goes over a few hills. An hour away there's a lake that's open during the summer that you can go to to rent kayaks, paddleboats, and go to fish. People are blind to the fact that there are drugs being used at the workplaces here, the children barely get an education at school, and either no one cares about their pets anymore or they just keep multiplying! There are stray cats and dogs all over the city, and the only solution that they give here is adopt in the 3 days they hold the pet or it gets put down. Unemployment is above the national average because they keep deciding to build restaurants instead of entertainment vendors of some sort. I've been here 1 year and 8 months and have had 3 jobs- 1 I quit because of the drugs being used in the workplace, 1 I was fired from because the manager said that they couldn't afford to have any more women if they were just going to get pregnant and then have to take a life-long maternity leave, and 1 I quit because of the racial slurs my boss kept using towards me! The reality of Alamogordo is that if it doesn't change dramatically everyone will wander away and just forget this place because it has nothing to offer. They don't call this 'The Land of Entrapment' for no reason.

Wichita Falls, TX

great weather! good place to settle down. - 9/4/2007
i lived in wichita falls for a short period from very late august 2005 to the last week of december 2005. even from being there a short time, i'm convinced that i would enjoy living there again! i lived at the roadrunner apartments next to sheppard afb- only the friendliest people there! the owner of the apartments was so polite and made me feel at home. the people just tend to be like that there- no complaints! there are SOOO many things to do there, and the weather will hardly ever go against you when you a plan a day out in the sun. i got there at the end of summer, but it was still very nice and the sun was always shining- even towards the winter. there was very little snow, but still enought to make a girl from chicago happy :)

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