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Kingman, AZ

Not perfect but I like it - 1/4/2017
We moved here last spring after living in San Bernardino Ca for over 30 years. I watched our lovely neighborhood nestled in the shadow of the mountains turn from suburban farms to ghetto/slum. As the city went bankrupt gangs moved in. Shootings, assaults, burglary were constant and when it became a sanctuary city it became very dangerous for seniors in iffy health to stay. For every wonderful family thrilled at the chance of a new life there came the criminals to take advantage of lax law enforcement. I was blessed with a few wonderful neighbors, I was cursed with an abundance of nightmare neighbors.
Is Kingman perfect, no but--- I am not afraid. I can sit in my yard at night and see stars and not be afraid of being robbed or worse. I can go to the desert and target shoot and not be treated like a gun crazy maniac. I can say merry Christmas without offending any one. The desert and mountains are heartbreaking beautiful. There is not much in the way of shopping etc. here but there is history in our rte. 66 and a unbelievably sweet old timey small time feel to the town I cherish. The people are colorful, down to earth and a pure delight. okay, I prefer real people to the cartoon characters I used to live among. I have fallen in love with Kingman and it's people. It may not be perfect but it is perfect enough for me. If you are tired of pretentious phonies Kingman is a breath of fresh air. Cost of living is sane, it is safe to be politically conservative, patriotic and Christian. It is my chosen home, It will never be featured in any magazine articles featuring luxury homes and a luxurious lifestyle. Thank God. It is down home good people who love family, God and country. Yes there is poverty and drugs and imperfections but the good far outweighs the bad. It is my forever home, I have never been happier.

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