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Danville, IL

A Positive View Of Danville Illinois - 2/26/2010
To all the detractors of Danville Illinois

The only thing you got correct about Danville is our history over last 25 years of not getting a break on additional Businesses and Jobs.
The rest of the comments that have been made are from what appear to be "blinded" people.
During the summer time, there are many things to do in around Danville, water sports, horseback riding, hiking, baseball, concerts at lincoln park, and many other activities. There is a newsletter put out by the Chamber every friday with many things on it to do for all ages. These activities go on all year round.
As far as I can see our "crime" is no better or worse than any other city our size. If all you spend your time on is looking for negative stuff, that is all that you will see.
If you spent just as much time looking for the good things around our city and the area you will find a mixture of caring community citizens that do get involved and take pride in the city.
For everything this town has went thru over the last 30 years, there are still many people trying to bring the city back to what it once was.
many cities our size were hit pretty hard by the economic issues of 2009 and 2010 however Danville has been hit alot less, due to the fact we have been here for a while longer than most other cities.
the first step to bringing this city back to it greatness, is the quite looking at the negative and ask yourself how can you make the city better. how are you contributing to the negative side of things!
A life long resident of Danville, Graduated thru the school system, and college, and own a successful business. All in a town according to others that have nothing good!!!!

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