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Fairfax, VA

Couldn't wait to leave! - 12/27/2009
I grew up in Fairfax and finally left after 25 years! Yes, there are many jobs and things to do. It's only about 25 mins to Washington DC so you have access to tons of culture, museums, etc.

Fairfax itself is way overpriced. Housing prices are outrageous. There is construction everywhere and the congestion is awful. Drivers are super aggressive so if you don't plan on speeding everywhere you go, be prepared to be run off the road. The people are rude and unfriendly. Also, the immigrant population is high, especially Asians. I felt like I lived in Korea after awhile!

THe weather isn't bad if you don't mind hot, hazy summers. Spring and fall are nice. Winters are relatively mild and measurable snow is rare.

Ithaca, NY

Don't move to Ithaca! - 12/26/2009
Ithaca is an awful place to live! I moved here from Virginia to go to Cornell and regret coming! The university is nice, but the town is horrible! The local people are really strange and downtown area looks really run down. Also, the weather is unbearable, especially in winter. The sun never shines, it snows daily, and rarely gets above 20 degrees. I can't wait until graduation! I don't recommend the area at all.

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