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Honolulu, HI

Great to make money in real estate. - 7/14/2019
It a hour or two. Wait a few years become richer by appreciation not pay unless a pro. No time share are good. Get real estate rent it out and sell when you need to and get a lot. Best in 2009 &10 for baseline. Since 2012 fast growth in high end so expect in the millions for best homes and condos. If tourism keeps expanding the economy will grow as the rest of the USA. REIT are here too. Commercial real estate is fine. Hard to do business as government is all dems. No happy high end jobs so many have two as part time is 20 hours not 30 like rest of the country. Live on east and windward sides but near is better. Horrible traffic from west and north. Get ready for culture shock with food. Milk $6-8 gal. So it is three times more. No exports so shipping charges twice as much one way. Cars low mileage as no where to drive more than 20 miles a day. Electric cars are able to charge and park for free many places. No Hydrogen. If a hurricane hits just call us Puerto Rico 2. Lots of great weather and ocean so go and swim. Lots of homeless and no solutions as they get welfare around $45,000! Lots of dope but few farms for food. People the best. Drivers courteous beyond belief and few use their horn!
No major sports and entertainment. Most call Las Vegas 9th island. All new stores and food chains excel. Great to live but frustrating politics and lots of criminals in high positions including Police chief and assistant prosecutor. Mayor is bought and owned by money so you can buy him. Do not have any carry laws and guns only at range.
Remember HUD says $90,000 is poverty level as $30,000 is on mainland. Welcome.

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