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Dallas, TX

Toxic, Polluted, Crowded, Boring & Expens - 8/27/2019
Dallas is terrible. I had the misfortune of living there for a year almost 20 years ago when housing was cheaper. It is a racist city to live, oppressive on job opportunities and lack diversity. I think the problem with Dallas is...most of the city is filled with transplants from Oklahoma. Dallas and OKC are virtually twin cities. The funny thing is Dallas thinks it's a "southern" city and it flaunts diversity. No, it's neither. It's a multicultural city and it's southwestern.

Dallas, TX

Flighty Friends, Pushy Drivers, Limited D - 6/4/2019
Dallas is a conservative city. It's liberals are right-wing compared to the liberals on the west and east coast. That explains why true liberals move there and feel like a fish out of the water. As for it being a diverse city... only on the surface. Every race there hate each other. The blacks are discriminated in obtaining the better jobs. Illegals are hired over them. The whites are arrogant, passive aggressive racists. The Latinos can be either passive aggressive or rude. Never saw a city this size that lack culture, diversity and has bad race relations in my life

Dallas, TX

Dallas is overrated
- 6/3/2019
Dallas is anything like Atlanta. Atlanta has mass public transportation. A cultural gold mine, diverse population, rich in southern culture and African American culture and history. Atlanta has a sizable music scene, underground rappers and musicians. Dallas has none of that. I've lived in BOTH cities and the only thing that they have in common is the amount of poverty in the urban areas, sprawl and traffic. I never had a problem with establishing authentic friendships in Atlanta but in Dallas is a different story.

Dallas, TX

WARNING: Think Twice Before Moving to Dal - 6/3/2019
I agree ?? with your assessment of Dallas. Genuine people seem to be lacking there. Move further east to true diverse city such as Boston, Atlanta, DC

Atlanta, GA

I wish someone would have been able to wa - 9/4/2018
Atlanta is far better than anything than the Midwest has to offer. Because the Midwest is a complete wasteland

Omaha, NE

Negative stars if I could
- 8/1/2018
I lived there for a year and hated every bit of it. Get out if you can. It's not enough new blood entering that state. The only people that can live there and assimilate are immigrants and they most definitely stick with their families. It's a reason why the Midwest is flyover country

Atlanta, GA

re: Small town wants to be big city
- 7/16/2018
There are many rude people in Atlanta, but please consider...it is a large alpha city. There are people living there from everywhere. If you've only seen Atlanta thirty years ago...when it still had southern hospitality. Totally different.

Indianapolis, IN

Just another Midwestern town - 7/1/2018
Indianapolis is basically confused on what it wants to be. It tries to be progressive and fast-paced like Chicago but its conservative and still stuck in 1988. It doesn't have the resources to another Chicago. I would compare it to Cincinnati, Kansas City, Omaha or Oklahoma City, but those cities aren't trying to be a alpha city they are midsize and they know their place. But, Indianapolis hasn't figured that it is not an alpha city. So, why try to be one? It's basically a Oklahoma City on steroids.

Bad roads, crater sized potholes, many streets in the out lying areas lack sidewalks but are assessible by public transportation. It has a bus only network that runs east/west and north/south, no transfer points but downtown. This causes long bus rides for a trip that should take only 20-30 minutes.

The culture in Indy is very conservative. Socially and politically. It is a fiscally conservative state. So, the poor are treated like disposables. Homelessness is everywhere. The minimum wage is only 7 dollars and some change. As a result, marriage is encouraged at a young age. Which is why single people who move here that is over 30 will never have a chance. Single women are shunned. Single women are hated by married women here. You will be treated like garbage. They are plain nasty, two-faced, fake and backstabbing. They seriously think that you're a man stealer because you're a single woman over 30! Talk about weird and backwards. I've already accepted the fact that I probably will not ever have any friends while I'm here. I've made plans to travel back and forth to my native city when I have time from my work.

Well, I've touched on a bit on the people above. But, to put it brutally honest...they are WEIRD. Most are reserved when it comes to their opinions. It can be something as simple as giving your honest opinion about a movie and they will look at you with this empty stare and say "humph". The people are very passive aggressive, fake friendliness, rude or just plain evil. They have boring personalities that consist of bad-mouthing someone behind their back... gossiping and rumor mills floating around like a bunch of high schoolers. WEIRD.

I guess they think Indy is in the league with NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Boston, Miami... because they have the Colts. Not by a long shot! The Colts will probably eventually return to Baltimore when the first opportunity comes. Conformists, herd mentality and passive aggressive idiots are everywhere. Even some friendly and smart Hoosiers have approached me since I've been here and told me they're dying to leave, usually move to California, Chicago, Florida even Georgia. I guess it's their fundamental conservative politics and harsh winters...maybe. But, when I leave Indy, I'm out for good. My heart belongs in my native southern state that has culture, charm, friendliness, good food and music and most of all mild winters.

San Diego, CA

The most highly overrated city in America - 2/28/2018
I lived in San Diego for two years back in 2013-2014. When I moved there, I was received nicely. But, the longer I lived there--the more I hated living there. It's a beautiful city and all but it seems so superficial...no depth. It lacks the culture and diversity that you'll find in Miami, a similar city. No real entertainment, nightlife and boring superficial people. It's sunny 24/7 most days, except during a few months out of year there's a raining season. The job market is worse. You are expected to look like a Vogue model to get a job bagging groceries. The jobs pay low for California living. Racism runs rapid against blacks, ultra conservatives, fundies bible-thumpers everywhere. Fake, backstabbing, smug types everywhere. This place is like a mirage---a beautiful city but with a darkness to it. It's something that's completely opposite of what you expect it to be. People judge you on your possessions, not your character... especially your clothes. You are not welcomed in most social circles unless you're Latino or a Spanish speaker. So, making friends there is almost impossible. The homeless population is ridiculous, homeless children, men and women sleeping outdoors like animals all over Balboa Park and cops. The cops are aggressive towards the homeless population out of boredom. I've seen homeless people treated more humanely in cities like NYC and Atlanta. Every one thinks that if you speak to their child... you're a child molester. The city is boring and conservative, so if you're looking for culture and friendlier people...LA is your best bet. An overpriced rental housing market makes it impossible for most people other than government employees or the military to live there.

Oklahoma City, OK

The most oppressive place to live - 11/22/2016
This place is cursed! I've never lived or been to city or state this depressing in my life. I'll suggest that anyone from the east coast not to move here. If you do, you will regret it and move back only after a few months and hate yourself for making the biggest mistake of your life. I'm going to start with the goods first. 1. If you're extremely conservative, judgmental and a introvert then you'll like living here. 2. Its a midsized city, less traffic than larger cities. 3. The job market is still relatively decent despite their recession. 4. OKC is a family oriented city, so if you're single and liberal...you need not to move here. 5. The housing market is affordable but the rental market is not so...its cheaper cost living is relative because most jobs here pay lower pay scales. The bads outnumbers the bad. The bads are...1. Extreme weather that involves Earthquakes, tornadoes, hailstorms, hot miserable summers. 2. Lack of real entertainment and nightlife...your nightlife is basically going to a Wednesday night bible study or church service. 3. High crime/high poverty rates. You will become a victim of theft or burglary if you live here for some time. 4. Lack of infrastructure and decent public transit. Riding a bicycle is your public transportation. 5. Fake, mean spirited people and deceitful. They seem nice on the surface but they will backstab you, lie and steal from you without any conscience but get this they are CHRISTIANS! Lol. Misery loves company and this is a very miserable place to live. 6. Low teacher salary. The teachers are paid food stamp wages! 7. High child abuse, high incarceration rates for women, domestic violence rates, divorce rates, obesity, meth and drug use out of any state in the country. 8. Very boring city overall and not as attractive as other cities its size but there are some beautification projects underway downtown. 9. Bad schools, the schools are better in Putnam and Edmond. 10. The most backwards alcohol laws in the entire country. 11. Racism is acceptable...especially against blacks. This is the most racist dump that I've ever seen and the minorties live it and do nothing about it. 12. Thirty years behind every city in the entire country...you've been warned!!!!!!

Nashville-Davidson, TN

re: Single Women Over 40 Do Not Move to Nashville
- 1/4/2016
I couldn't agree more with this post. If you're moving to Nashville, think again. This city isn't the place for singles of any age. Herd mentality runs deep here and the ridiculous hate for outsiders. There are better cities to live in.

Nashville-Davidson, TN

This is not the city for singles or transplants... - 1/4/2016
Nashville is NOT your typical southern city. Lived in many American cities but this one is the oddest one towards transplants ever. If you're not from here or have family that lives here or married, forget it. There are better cities to live for single transplants, Boston, Buffalo, NY, NYC, etc. You will quickly realize the fakeness of the people here and their herd mentality. The expensive cost of living is overrated for a city that doesn't even have many sidewalks, no real outdoor activities, narcissistic, conceited rude people? And this is a southern city??? Really? I've met friendlier people in NYC, Atlanta and Boston than here. If you're looking to live in a "southern" city then live in Atlanta, Charlotte or even Birmingham. The jobs are mediocre and pay low wages. High crime rate, bad drivers and the public transit is a joke. The blacks are the worst. They're too busy "pleasing" whites to even notice the racism here. The people here also has so anger issues. This city is to visit only and move on to someplace else.

Tulsa, OK

The most backwards and ignorant town in America! - 12/9/2015
Under any circumstances move to this town--I repeat do NOT move to Tulsa unless you're a low-class redneck trailer park trash or a ghetto black person. I've only lived in this town that its somehow called a city for two months and I'm planning my one way exodus out of here ASAP! The most dumb, stupid and racist place to live. Bad schools, bad low waged jobs, poverty like a third world country, ignorant rude drivers who detest pedestrians and black people! If you're a black woman here, expect to be hated by both whites, Latinos and most black men. Black men here find it acceptable to hate black women and chase white women. The landlords rip you off and make up a fake lease for the tenant and then try to illegally evict you if you're black or not from here! Stupid, dumb, fat lazy people everywhere who think they are smarter than you because you're not from Tulsa. High crime! Racist dump! The KKK runs many businesses there. Tulsa county DHS neglect the most vulnerable citizens on society's children! Children are always abused, staved here because they continue to deny aid to biological parents when they need help and ignore child abuse. Felons everywhere. Never live in this dump. Never!

Nebraska, NE

Omaha isn't the good life! - 7/11/2015
Whoever said living Nebraska is the good life, they obviously have never lived anywhere else. This place is pathetic. The unemployment rate is false. Most of the poor here are ostracized in bad, violent neighborhoods with low waged jobs and bad schools. The job market is overrated because it lacks entry-level jobs and most professional jobs are blue collared. Most businesses here only hire native omahans. If they hire someone from somewhere else the your managers and coworkers will give you a hard time on the job for no reason at all. You will get fired or quit your job due to harassment. There is this annoying small town mentality, snobbish attitude that most of the natives have. Its very difficult to make friends here because everyone is so afraid that someone will air their business. Rude, bad drivers. The public transit is very limited despite the bus routes been modified in May. The people are boring and monotone without any personality and hang in high school cliques. The poverty rate among minorities is astronomical and the government don't care. There is shootings, gangs and other violence on a daily basis. If you're not from Omaha, you'll find this town a drag and the cheap COL wouldn't matter anymore. This city needs to attract more people from the coasts, really or it will continue to be a lifeless midwestern town. There's nothing cosmopolitan about it. Just drappy and extremely conservative.

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