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Peachtree City, GA

Would like to locate to the south
- 10/24/2006
Just like Bernice, my family is seriously considering a move to the south. We are currently living in CT. Its beautiful here and the schools are fantastic but we really hate the harsh winter and the people in the south seem to be so warm and friendly. Although I do wonder if they are inviting to "yankees". Our main concerns are the public school system and the crime rate. I would love to get some input from anyone living in the south.

Thanks so much!

East Hampton CDP, CT

Nice Town
- 3/12/2006
East Hampton is one of the prettiest towns in central Connecticut. We have a beautiful lake and beach are for town residents. It is a very tight knit community. The people are friendly and alway come together to help their neighbors in a time of need. There have been some changes in the last few years. We have an incredible school system consisting of many talented teachers. There is not a lot offered to students in the way of the arts and music. Due to the incredible growth in housing development and population the schools system is extremely over populated. The taxes are quite high due to an increasing mill rate. There is a well staffed police force that unfortunately has not been able to accomplish all that it has to. There are a couple of unsolved murders, unsolved commercial break ins, an unsolved bank robbery, a few unsolved arsons, residential break ins, two meth labs were in operation in our town but there are numerous traffic violations handed out daily.

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