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Professional 45 year old married with adult children traveling through the great US of A


Life Stage: n/a
Occupation: Education, Training, and Library

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Walla Walla, WA

One of the best - 6/23/2018
I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to explore in depth some communities, neighborhoods, cities and States by my 50 year old husband’s education and career expansion as Director of Facilities for hospitals, so much so, we’ve moved more than our military family members... Walla Walla is one of the best. It’s taken 18 months, buying a home and reaching out in the areas I’m interested, BUT I’ve found everything I could ever need and want from silent Dharma meditations on Sunday evenings, daily Eucharist Mass at every morning hour at one of the 4 parishes, soup lunch free for community at First Congregational Church, ceramics at Carnegie Hall, live music downtown, theater, Guitar fest, 2 Universities, Community College, Universal Dance of Peace every 3rd Wednesday, Pickle Ball tournaments (look it up:), Duck races down Mill Creek that runs right through town, excellent walking path and up to 8 mile hike around lake. There is an elementary school and park with sledding hill for every neighborhood within a 1-2 mile radius.
I have lived in Portland, Oregon, Chicago, Illinois, Loma Linda, California, Sterling, Colorado, The Dalles, Oregon, Jacksonhole, Wyoming, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Vancouver, Washington, Hayward and Modesto, California. I have found this community to offer EVERYTHING I could need and satisfies many of my wants with options available within an hour from me in Pendleton, Oregon, Tri-cities (Pasco, Kennewick and Richland). I can get to the mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, casino, lil free splash park and water slide park, shopping, dining, wine, lectures, concerts, motorcycle rides, kayak, hiking, biking, etc.
There is money and citizen support for community. It is rated, almost, 5 stars for its green support and efforts to care for environment. The locals, in general, are authentic, kind and protective of their valley. The community has added diversity because of the universities with their professors and students.
Walla Walla is becoming a destination for its art, wine, weed and environment. It has been one of my all time favorites to live in and become a member of the “Y” at! I would have given it 5-stars but the extreme temperatures of 20-110 degrees with definite 4 seasons can hinder some. I’ve thoroughly loved it after living in Southern California.
My husband’s being headhunted, again. Whidbey island, Washington has a nice ring and no reviews on Sperling:)

Valparaiso, IN

Beautiful country living in big metropolis - 6/24/2013
I loved driving anywhere, down any road because of the trees, fields and green, green grass that is all over. Cost of living is outrageous! But lil towns close by make up for it. There is still a social classing to this area that shocked me. Not much to do for night life unless you go to Chicago which surprised me with University in town. Customer service is worst I have ever encountered. Great Lake is beautiful. I'm thankful I had the chance to live and see area.

The Dalles, OR

not just a small town - 6/24/2013
Lived here 17 years, raised children, became part of community. Lots to do in nature! Not much for teens. Great for seniors. Sunny most of year with about 4 weeks of sopped in winter clouds and 2 weeks of intense heat. Not bad for a year. There is the fact that community has hard time investing in its schools and pride it itself but maybe its finally going to have to happen. This would make it almost perfect if it did!

Sterling, CO

Just relocated - 6/24/2013
This place has the best customer service and "Howdy neighbor" was invented here. Cost of living is better than Indiana and Oregon. Quiet town, so you'll need to create your own fun. Parks are beautiful and one reservior is great (not telling, you have to decide:-) Hot summer days, perfect for backyard pool. Thunderstorms are magnificent and cool down evenings. I am looking forward to learning more.

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