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Syracuse, NY

Not Bad at All - 8/20/2015
I'm a transplant from Los Angeles, CA. The housing prices are great, but there is not a lot going on in Syracuse. If you want a more "happening" city, you will need to pay the price. I was sick and tired of warm days all year long, and dumb apartment managers. Destiny USA is good, but one mall in a city is not enough. Shoppingtown is dying rapidly. Due to their size, Target, and Wal-Mart are both on the outer edges of the city. I steeled on my home at the end of January, just in time for the February snow, snow, snow; wow, lots of snow. The public library is adequate for most, and the health care could be better. There are not many doctors in this city. The Downtown farmers market is a nice treat each Tuesday, but the are only 4 food vendors. Even at the Park St. market, there are not a lot of vendors; why am I complaining? In Los Angeles, I always ate in the mall next door, rather in the markets--they had only a few as well. As a person who values education, Syracuse is not the "smartest" city. Although there is more than one college here, few attend. I think the crime rate is inaccurate, some crimes are not worthy of a report (some vandalism), and the officers do not take the time to write reports on all crime (I am a victim of this). Nevertheless, Syracuse is still a lot safer than Los Angeles. The University area seems to be the favorite child here. Services, restaurants, and an indoor strip mall are located there. If you're a cyclist, most of Syracuse, south of Erie Blvd., between Valley, and S. Salina is relatively flat.

Inglewood, CA

Nice weather, but.... - 10/22/2014
After surviving here 2 years, I'm out. Call me a "food snob" if you will, but I buy only healthy foods, I must shop Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, or Westchester. The markets in Inglewood carry a poor selection of good food, and the service is not great. The drug stores do not carry many items found in the drug store of other L.A. cities. The population, here, is very poorly educated; yet, they get the jobs. I've not been able to figure out that one. To top it off, the services like dental, or medical is only adequate, but the Inglewood library is good. But, try to get a healthy lunch, in Inglewood, and you'll have to continue looking; it doesn't exist. Stuff I Eat, on Market St., could be a lot better.

Inglewood, CA

re: community - 7/27/2011
- 10/22/2014
You must be kidding te'Etra. I've not met anyone, outside of a doctor. or nurse that seems to have a high school diploma. Those with a HS diploma behave as though they bough it in a corner market--a city full of idiots.

Milwaukee, WI

re: Quality of life in Milwaukee - 11/28/2013
- 7/6/2014
Thanks Vera, You confirmed what I have been reading about Milwaukee, it is a segregated city. What would happen if the Hispanics, or Aftican Americans lived all over the city, rather than in certain parts of the city?

Lennox, CA

Not a Long-term Locale - 12/24/2013
If you're a poor student, like myself, there are very few affordable options for a place to live. Lennox is close the the green rail and the #40, #212, #117, and #211/215 buses pass through. There are 2 different supermarkets in Lennox, selling food that is quite inexpensive; although, not the healthiest. Target is 1 rail stop away in West Athens or walkable in Inglewood. Inglewood also has several other supermarkets. I am a health nut, I walk into Westchester for Trader Joe's. I also catch the rail to Manhattan Beach for 3 other "better" supermarkets. The #40 bus can take me to Sprouts, next to the Galleria on Hawthorne. The closest Farmers Market is in Watts, Fridays, I think; I visit the Crenshaw market on Saturdays. There are a lot of unofficial farmers markets in south LA, there is one on Lennox Blvd., in front of the park. To sum it up, I must shop in a different city for groceries; but thet's me, most can shop the local markets. As for the neighborhood, the library is currently being built to open in 2014, a temporary library is in Lennox park. Neighbors: generally okay, they don't say "hello," and are rather aloof; they seem to be poorly educated (this is all over south LA). There are no general merchandise stores other than the dollar stores on Century and Hawthorne. The closest post office in in Inglewood. Safety: I'm outdoors during the day only; per the crime reports, some assults and buglaries occur in the afternoons. Overall, the rental prices are too high considering the lack of services in Lennox.

Los Angeles, CA

All Does Not Glitter in LA - 2/17/2013
After 6 months of living here I have found several means of discrimination here: Grocery stores in south LA carry the unhealthiest foods one can buy; why? Low price. South LA is mostly populated by minorities. I must shop in the suburbs further south or shop in LA proper. Housing choices seems to be dated from the 1950s. Non-food shopping can also be difficult here, if you want to shop in a mall. Where are the malls in s LA? A dead one in Hawthorne, a decent one in Manhattan Beach/Lawndale, and a better one in Carson. Even the Big Box stores here seem to be lacking. Okay, I moved here from Reno, NV; completely different from LA; and super conservative-no thanks. I'll put up with the shopping and housing issues here for a bit, rather than returning to an uncomfortable city for me. Most of the people I've encountered, here, are friendly.

Reno, NV

Beautiful; but, has issues - 12/2/2012
The cost of kiving in this very beautiful area is great. The city is relatively flat, so it is good for cyclists, south of I-80. The constant wind didn't bother me; although, it was annoying at times. The housing costs are cheap, compared to most cosmopolitan cities; i.e., San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. When it snows, the landscape is gorgeous; this is a ski area, making snow a good thing.

Now the negatives: 1 shopping mall in Reno; there is an outdoor mall in Sparks; it is decent, but not great. The Sparks mall is far away from Downtown. Too many wannabe cowboys live in Reno/Sparks, making driving or cycling dangerous at times. Constant work on Virginia Ave, all year long. Vegan food is extremely difficult to find and restaurants serve mostly carnivoires. Overall, Reno/Sparks can be socially conservative, making it a bad area for the GLBT population.

Oakland, CA

I Simply Love Oakland - 3/13/2010
I lived in San Francisco; yet, I spent more time in the Oakland parks and museums than I did in the same of my own city. If I was in CA, today, I'd see Oakland first, headed for Lake Merritt. Another favorite area was East Oakland [Fruitvale] I was at home there,
not in most of SF. During recessions, crime always increases; the current rate of crime is not forever. Just stay alert and don't look lost; yes, one can be a tourist, but you don't have to look like a tourist. If Juarez, Mexico had as much to offer as Oakland, I'd still be living there.

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