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Valley Center, KS

A wonderful little town!
- 8/15/2006
Valley Center is a wonderful place to raise a family! Its your basic traditional small town with a friendly atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone and you will always walk or drive down the street and get a friendly wave! The town loves its sports, mostly football though. Theres a wonderful Fall Festival in September. If you love a small town atmosphere than this is the place to be!

Miami, FL

- 8/14/2006
You know John, to call me a Cuban exile thats hilarious! I already told you I'm as white as they come. I am from Wichita KS and I have never even been to Cuba...I just know that from where I'm from Muslims/Arabic nation....not cool. Call me racist all you want. But isn't that the pot calling the kettle black!!! As far as I'm concerned all of you that have commented are VERY racist. But thats fine, I don't have to deal with the hell hole you all live in!

Miami, FL

An outsider's point of view.
- 8/6/2006
Well I have been reading everyone's comments and if you all don't mind I have some things to say. First off I just can't believe that all of this racism is going on in the beautiful state of Florida! Its really very sad. I have family in Florida and we also have a summer getaway down there. I am from Kansas...born and raised. I know what you are all saying. But from my point of view...you all are bickering because hispanics have "taken over" your city/state. Thats ridiculous! I'll tell you one thing. I would much rather have HARD WORKING citizens who work VERY hard for the little wages that they get just to provide for their families come to the United States than a race such as the Muslim/Middle Eastern culture. Everyone one of them HATE Americans. You never know when they will do a suicide attack or plan some huge bombing. Have ANY of you EVER seen a hispanic plan such an attack as 9/11??? I didn't think so. All they want to do is work and be free from the conditions that they have. So open your doors and welcome them. Remember they haven't shed any American blood on our own soil! And...By the way, I am a very white blonde hair blue eyed girl from the heartland!

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