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Melbourne, FL

Answer to the comments who keep asking about crime - 7/18/2017
The rating on here is accurate. Crime is rather high. There's shootings and killings constantly. If you're coming from another state, just check floridatoday.com at least once a week to see whats going on. Gun ownership is also very high. Home invasions often end with a robber shot dead. But nearby cities like Palm Bay and Cocoa are even worse.

However, if you have money then Viera, Suntree, West Melbourne, and Beachside are better choices and it'd be a great place to live.

Cost of living is low compared to many parts of the country without giving up too much quality of life.

Healthcare is great compared to other parts of the country. Just make sure you're on the HealthFirst network. Avoid Wuestaff Hospital, locals call it "worst off" for good reason.

Plenty of shopping for the size of the area. The avenues in Viera, and Hammock Landing in West Melbourne. There's the Melbourne Square Mall of course, but more dated than the other two options.

Restaurants. I've never seen so many restaurants like in Florida. Tons of chain restaurants, but if you're looking for good local places try Tuscany Grill, Pizza Gallery, Grills, Squid Lips or Long Doggers.

If you're a runner, there is an amazing local running community. I've yet to see one like it anywhere else, and I'm pretty well travelled. You can basically do a 5k every weekend. Its mostly organized by a local shop "running zone".

Of course, if you love rockets, canaveral is right there but melbourne is close enough to see it go up and hear/feel your windows rattle lightly.

For families, Brevard Zoo is fantastic for the kids. There's plenty of beach of course, and Orlando is only an hour away.

Melbourne, FL

re: Crime in Melbourne,FL
- 7/18/2017
Anna, it depends where you go. Viera and Suntree are great, but they are 'unincorporated territory' so they often are officially considered part of Melbourne. Melbourne itself has a rather high crime rate. Everyone owns guns. When you hear about a home invasion on TV it almost always end with "..and the home owner shot the robber dead". If you have the money, again Viera or Suntree are great. Beachside is great. Avoid Cocoa and Palm Bay for certain.

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