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Salt Lake City, UT

If you enjoy culture, safety and fairness, AVOID!! - 4/29/2018
Several of the reviews below are spot on. Nepotism is rampant in workplaces ,I have been let go at quite a few to "make room" for someone's 2-3 siblings. If you don't go to the same church, ward or share family your days at most corporate office jobs are numbered---and this is a right to work state so good luck getting unemployment. Living conditions in the city are horrid---rents are in the Orange County range minus the ocean or people you can talk to. You will be living alongside thousands of newly arrived Africans mixed in as your neighbors and you'll thank yourself that you didn't drop $300,000 on a house on that street---and this of course ties in with the next topic, crime. Salt Lake used to be one of the safest cities until about 10 years ago when certain peoples in power because obsessed with relocating people from other countries as well as allowing everyone to live anywhere courtesy of the government. Robberies, home invasions, rapes and strings of deadly freeway accidents are the daily "norm" here now, I subscribe to the local KSL news updates so I can monitor traffic for work and the news stories I read make me grateful that I'm making serious plans to leave the state. As far as the single life, forget making many friends. Everyone has 4-5 kids by the time they're 28, and most people carry a general "snooty" attitude so if you're single prepare to hook up with someone who already has a lot of baggage, and there is def. a shortage of attractive people. Be prepared to buy your Roseanne-looking wife that BMW she wants! In short, if you have a family, it's not safe to live here, if you're single, you will never meet anyone who is not existing in some kind of bubble. When I say anywhere else is better than here, I'm not kidding, and I say that after having a lung/sinus infection on and off for 3 months because of the pollution and horrible air quality here. Expect to deal with this ever winter when our famous "inversion" settles in the city and it starts looking like China for about 2-3 months.

Murray, UT

Very high crime, total change, thumbs down. - 4/2/2018
I lived in Murray 3 1/2 years ago because I loved how quiet and "out of the way" it was with some great local grocery stores that were never busy. My rent was $780 for a 2 bedroom, I rarely ever heard any sirens, most every neighbor was hard working and crime was low. It's now 3 years later and I moved here from Millcreek thinking it would be a step up, boy was I wrong. My rent is $1200---big difference from 3 years ago. Rents have gone up and the crime is out of control. There is broken glass in the street from cars being broken into, drug addicts wondering through Murray to state street and beautiful streets with $300,000 manicured homes have been ruined by a surge of landlords allowing public assistance or section 8 in apartment complexes, including mine, (And I live in the nicest part of Murray in a good complex!)
I have never had to deal with calling the police on a neighbor until now. Nor did I ever think Murray would take on a "ghetto type" appearance with kids throwing basketballs at cars, screaming, and "hood" types now able to live in expensive apartments on the state's dime while those of us who work 40 hours have to get up at 7am so night time noise is not an option, neither is the time to discover your car has been broken into which is very common here now---Very, very saddened by this and just take a look at the "F+" crime rating in Murray speaks for itself, worse than the national average. And say what you want but Ive lived in Murray before and there was a huge difference in the quality in general before the cultural diversity of gangbangers and the acceptance of public housing vouchers by landlords. Bad idea!---high cost of living, high crime, I would not recommend raising a family here now. I am moving my wife out of this city before we even consider it.

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