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Ex Marine raised In California....retired electrician.....


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Construction, Mining and Trades
surfing walking running...blogging

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Durham, NC
Durham great place?
Posted On: 2/17/2012 11:49:04 AM
Durham I can see is a great place for those who have little , are retired or in college. The school system seems like its mostly run by African Americans as well as the VA, To me it seems to be mostly a town which celebrates black history month and anything to do wth the black movement towards equality which means as an outsider who is white I have yet to find employment, Im not suprised however I am a transplant having been here in the 80s at Camp Lejeune as a Marine. The rent here is cheap as well as the homeownership but the work here is mostly banks, schools,and local grocery stores or the Police. It also seems like the town itself is incredibly contained or consumed by its own image and does not see that there is life beyond their own town. It is political and obviously democratic with a population of active Christians and Christian views. I was raised at the beach so this is definitly a different environment than Im used to. You either are accepted and make it here or you are quietly shunned to the back of the bus...

Durham, NC
Posted On: 8/6/2011 7:52:27 AM
Having moved from California I found this place to be a bit dissapointing. Not alot of tollerance for change, the locals seem to like the lifestyle. Housing is project like apartments, dated back 30 years...rents seem to change with the client...great for low income, disability or low paying wage class...can be frustrating for someone not from here..

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Durham, NC

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