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North Carolina, NC

would like some advice on NC & SC - 2/19/2015

We live in Maine and are looking to find a place in NC or SC. We plan to spend Jan- March there and possibly retire there later on. We hope to rent the house on the months we are away and will need a good local rental company.We are open to multiple locations, but want to be w/in 10-15 minutes to the beach in a safe area and need AT LEAST .5 acre with a bit of privacy for a pool, dogs and kids, and we would like to avoid outrageous community fees and taxes ( and not on the any water please - as we would like to avoid the aquatic wildlife from coming into the yard:). We do not care about the school systems, as we haven't really found any that are great and so we homeschool. We are starting to look at Wilmington and st. helena island areas right now. We want a place that will have decent rental potential. We know there are negatives to any location, so please do not respond to this with reasons not to move there. We love Maine but it is super expensive and the winters are getting worse every year, so this is a move we will be making. Would love some suggestions on lodging as well, as we come down to look around. Lastly, if anyone reading this is in the mental health field, I would love suggestions on companies with seasonal positions if they exist. Both my husband and I are LCPC's/ therapists and would love to know if there are local agencies that offer work for a few months at a time ( ie- assessment/intakes, etc). Thank-you so much for taking the time to read and respond to us :) Luwana

Maine, ME

winters - 2/19/2015
We are on this site to exit Maine in the winter. It is a beautiful and expensive (taxes) state. We plan to stay here most of the year, as 3 of the seasons are beautiful. It is relatively safe here (safe neighborhoods and mostly safe wildlife/bugs) and we have ocean, lakes and Mountains to enjoy. I do not suggest moving here until you rent for a winter- they are cold, there is a snow storm every week and it is expensive ( plowing/shoveling, roof raking, car damage, canceled school/missing work, heating). Also- upstate is cheap BUT there is nothing to do up North unless you are an outdoors enthusiast or a hunter, and there is minimal work unless you are in Health care or can get a factory job. Also - there is a different breed of person up north , not always welcoming with non-natives. Prices are enticing up north, but visit first or you will regret it

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