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Gainesville, FL

Hell drug hell and corruption
- 8/3/2021
I agree that violent crime seems to be on the increase in certain areas of the city, but not all over. Mostly, it's in the eastern parts of town (SE & NE) and in certain parts of SW. I live in a quiet and nice part of SW, but crime is even coming here, due to so many lower income people from bad neighborhoods moving into some of the Section 8 housing. Lots of theft, car break-ins, and three murders within a half-mile of my apartment in the past two years. I'm leaving Gainesville next year when my current lease is up. I can't take any more. Skyrocketing rents, violent crimes, can't feel safe at all.

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville is not such a great place to live. - 3/1/2015
I moved here thinking it would be a great and enlivening place to be with the University and all, but it really isn't. There are the "University People" and the rest of us, who are pretty much ignored. There is no place for anyone but students to live cheaply. GRU has the highest utility rates in the state. If you want to live somewhere with adults, you have to go to the NW side of town, which is full of snotty yuppies and crunchy granola mommies. I wanted to get involved in things here, but without a car, it's hard to get to the places where meetings are held, and people are not friendly enough to offer you a ride. The bus system isn't as great as they claim, and some parts of town have little bus service at all. I ended up not getting involved in anything I wanted to because of this reason. It is a very cliquish city, and very racist and very much against the homeless. I'm trying to save to move elsewhere, but with the high rents and utilities, it's very hard for a "working poor" type like me to do that. I wish I had never come here and I can't wait to leave.

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