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River Ridge, LA | 1 Review(s)

Born & raised in California & Mississippi, College in Colorado. A Geologist for various oil companies until recently. Involuntarily retired from the business (let go, early-retirement aged, poor job outlook.)
Not being tied to our present location because of my job: we're looking to move some place we actually want to live.
Key criteria for where we want to live:
Far away from the Gulf Coast and hurricane evacuations.
Affordable housing, low cost of living, reasonable climate, low crime, not too "isolated".
And a place where people have a positive outlook on the future.


Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Other
Enjoys: Earth and Planetary Sciences, Astronomy, TruTV, Discovery ID, NatGeo etc.


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Reviews & Comments

Metairie, LA

New Orleans, suburbs to the west; general comments - 8/18/2010
For Metairie, & New Orleans in general:
Briefly, as a Geologist who has lived here for 30+ years, my view of the outlook for the New Orleans area is decidedly gloomy. The wetlands are still eroding, the land is subsiding, and sea levels are rising. Hurricanes will continue to be a threat. Although a Katrina-like event may or may not happen again in our lifetime, I have personally evacuated from my home four times since 2004. We are tired of evacuating: the next time we leave, we won't come back. Many people, who can leave, are leaving Southeast Louisiana--leaving behind the die-hards and those who cannot leave. I have recently (involuntarily) retired from my job, and we are looking for a place to move to... away from the Gulf Coast, the hurricanes, and the "can't do" attitude of so many people in this area.

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