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Roseburg, OR

- 11/13/2016
You have hit the nail on the head with your comments, I live in this dump of a town and have been here for 16 years and am wanting to get the hell out of here. there are no free thinkers here and Racsism is rampant. People are backwards and Ignorant here.

Roseburg, OR

Roseburg, Oregon - 11/13/2016
I have lived in Roseburg, Oregon for over 16 years moving from Portland, in 2001. I did enjoy living here, the scenery is beautiful and the fishing is some of the best in Oregon. But when it comes to ethnic diversity and acceptance of others who have different viewpoints. there is a huge gap. Roseburg inhabitants are mostly white and very conservative. You are also in the Bible belt of Oregon. If you are of some other belief than Christian You might as well keep looking for somewhere else to live.

I don't know how many times I have heard Racist whites refer to people of color by the N word . The only other non white people I have seen are the owners of a Chinese restaurant. Forget about finding a good job in Roseburg, unless you want to work in a lumber mill or local fast food place.

If you are elderly and of retirement age and are well off financially Roseburg will welcome you with open arms. They do a big business in retirement living. As for education, well not a lot to offer there either. Budgets have been cut so much for education here that a lot of programs have been eliminated that would have benefited children. Also there is only one college here in Winston, and that is only a two year college.

As of this election year we no longer have a local Library since the measure to keep it open failed and it will close as early as January or Feb of 2017 .

We have problems with Meth and Opioid addiction. Guns are very big down here and many I know have one or two or carry one on their person. People are not very well educated either. If you expect to find intellectuals down here don't expect to find too many of them either. Sports are very big. especially Football. There is not too much of a social scene if you are looking for entertainment. Yes we do have movie theaters but not much of anything else unless you are into your local bar. And there are plenty of those. A lot of alcoholics as well. Big city people who are not used to this will have problems getting used to a hillbilly cowboy hic way of life . Because this is just what it is like down here. I am not saying that people are not friendly, they are very much so. But if you want to live down here, It may not be your cup of tea. And to tell you the truth, I have never fit in here and as soon as I can get out of here. I want to leave Roseburg, and Douglass Co as soon as Possible. The sooner the better.

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