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Maine, ME

The way life is! - 4/3/2020
I've been in Maine of and on my whole life. Maine folks for the most part are not very complicated. The drug epidemic has gotten better I think. If you enjoy shopping I hope you don't mind shopping online because that's about all your gonna get around here. Jobs are few and far between and when you get one the pay is minimal. I've worked at the same job for 19 years never gotten a raise or bonus or even a vacation. No overtime & I only get paid minimum wage. And this is in the healthcare industry. How messed up is that! Good luck when it comes to finding a Good Doctor or mental health professional. The last time I attempted to go the Dr cancelled on me the first 4 times I scheduled it was 8 months before I got in to see her and by then I was so discouraged I gave up and didn't go. all that negative asside Maine is absolutely stunning words can't do justice in the fall. I've lived on the coast and In very rural Maine and I could say positive and negative things about both. But can't we all about everywhere really. Fact is you have to make up your own mind on the subject really. Maine life isn't for everyone. Either way it's a great place to come visit. And you might just find yourself wanting to stay. Good luck!

Bangor, ME

- 4/3/2020
Dont'e isnt a name you hear much around here but I went to grade school in the area and there was a boy in my class for a while by that name. Super smart guy.

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