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Glendale, AZ | 2 Review(s)

Here's to you Land of Enchantment. Mi tierra para toda mi vida!


Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Nonprofit


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Reviews & Comments

Glendale, AZ

The Land of Sun - 2/24/2010
I would like to say hello to AZ, even though I've been here for three years now.
Coming from a small town it's different and takes some getting used to but I feel in my element, despite the heat.
Yes, everyone not from here know about the infamous heat, but what they don't know is that Glendale/Phoenix has everything a large city has, and everything a small town has, and everything they don't.
It's (relatively, as long as your not out alone at night) safe, convenient location, etc.
I could go on about why I like it here, but why not visit?
But try to during the spring when it's perfect.

Chaparral, NM

You don't know it like I do - 2/24/2010
Most people don't know us. When people ask "where are you originally from," and I say Chaparral, NM, they are like, "where?"
Other people I meet from NM are from Las Cruces or north, and they think they know Chaparral.
Most of the time, I say I'm from Las Cruces, everyone seems to have family there.
But mostly, no one really knows the town like the inhabitants.
Sure there are no jobs.
People think we're poor.
Others think we're foreign, (Welcome to America! Huh? I said New Mexico, not Mexico).
But all in all, it's a wonderful place to grow up.
I did.
Many times I miss it, although I can't see myself going back.
So if you ever get a chance, go. If you really look at the Land of Enchantment, you'll understand how the state got the nick name, for a good reason.
So despite the economic (and in some instances racial) disparity, it is a beautiful place to see for all those who are willing to look.

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