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Lompoc, CA

re: Go Do Your homework - 4/24/2010
- 10/28/2014
I was told the prison is a white-collar prison, meaning it houses white-collar criminals and non-violent drug-law offenders (and most non-violent drug-law offenders shouldn't and wouldn't be in prison if this country didn't have destructively draconian drug laws). If that is who is incarcerated in Lompoc, then why would the prison draw the "scumb [scum] of the world," as you put it?

Alaska, AK

Like another country - 10/28/2014
Living in Alaska is like living in another country; one that is behind the times by more than 20 years, at least. The roads are bad; the government and police corrupt; the weather makes expensive while dumpy housing hard to maintain; medical specialists are rapacious in their greed and there are more specialists by far than there are family practice general physicians; businesses and laborers gouge everyone so most people do their own shoddy work or go without; there is almost no concept of customer service; and far too many citizens appear to be somewhat "special." The state has the highest rape rate in the country, has a high crime rate in general, and suffers from more than its share of serial killers. In Anchorage, people are generally unfriendly and lack interest in anyone outside their own families and inner-circles; and they are very quiet. They also have little to no code enforcement in residential neighborhoods so one or two neighbors can ruin the beauty and livability of an entire block, as well as lower the property-values of the homes sharing their blocks. In Alaska is there little to no competition, which is why all the poor quality and gouging takes place. Even the cable company, privately and locally owned, answers to no regulatory body except in one tiny tiny little town in the entire state!

The scenery is breathtaking and for people who don't like other people, Alaska can be a great place to live, as long as they keep their expectations for most things low.

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