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Reviews & Comments

Seattle, WA

- 10/27/2019
You sound like a realtor trying to sell Seattle out! I'm going by true and accurate reviews for now on when I choose a city to live

Tulsa, OK

- 10/6/2019
You're absolutely right! You're passing through and saw this town wannabe city for what it is. A backwater, small midwestern town. You have to be two dimes and a nickel bat shit crazy to live here. Hicks can't see pass the day. I hate it here and I can't wait to leave this idiot place

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is a wasteland
- 10/4/2019
You're so correct...the dumbest state that I've had the misfortune of living in. If you're someone with a ounce of morals, integrity and a sound mind...you will be bullied by inbreds and hillbillies.

Asheville, NC

Many outsiders have changed this town. - 10/4/2019
Most southerners think like you," Outsiders have changed this town". I agree, but that applies to every southern city. Our hospitality, charm and lower cost of living was enticing. I don't blame New Yorkers and Californians, I blame politics.

Indianapolis, IN

Bottom feeder city
- 10/2/2019
In Midwestern culture...it's rude to criticize or insult their cities and states...maybe not in Chicago or in Michigan. But, most of the region suffers from some type of inferior mentality towards other regions of the country. Midwesterners are reserved by default.... because there's not much to do there but eat, sleep and work

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa time isn't worth it - 9/20/2019
I moved here on a job transfer, hoping that I found a city that offered affordable housing and a overall lower cost of living on life. I soon found out that I traded my happiness in for sadness. It's sad, honestly. Most of the people are like that here.

Tulsa is geography a beautiful city, scenic in some areas. The downtown is going through a makeover, but there's hardly anyone seen there but homeless people. The racist past of the city...black wall street is a constant reminder of what happened here and I've heard minorities complain about the racism here. The mayoral system is weak...the state government controls the city government to keep the city far right conservative as possible. People go hungry a lot as a result. Crime is high. The schools are a atrocity. The public transportation is a atrocity and the low wage almost non existent job market is another atrocity. The culture is supposed to be that of a southern city, but it feels midwestern to me. The people are passive aggressive and rude. Everyone is constantly in everyone's business because of boredom...small town syndrome runs amok. Everyone is cliquey. Friendships are fake... almost everyone is fake here for that matter. No one is really who they are, your neighbors are not to be trusted.

Drugs and gangs are everywhere. The Tulsa Time thing is the truth until you have to be at work on time! If you're one minute late----you're immediately fired! No, ifs and buts. So much for your slow paced hypocritical culture! I've never seen anything like that in my life! People are constantly fired from jobs over the stupidest and minute reasons!

The culture in Oklahoma seems to reject open minded and happy people. Bigots are in plenty. Megachurches leech from the community, some give back but most don't. Bullying is rampant. The roads are awful and outdated. The previous commenters were telling the truth, if only I had found this website before I moved here. Now, I will have to transfer back and save money for a move. What a waste!


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