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Fort Collins, CO

Need a good job to live here - 10/20/2016
I have lived here since 1995. The cost of living here is way about average. The city has grown and housing, food, medical, everything has gone through the roof. Its great for college students, lots of bars and things to do. Housing now is around 350,000 and up and rent close to 1,600 a month. The wages dont keep up with the high cost of things. We own a home, and now worth a lot of money. We are looking to get out, due to the cost of living, and to many people and the traffic is so bad. 30 mins to go 6 miles, is insane. I think I have had my fill of this place, property taxes are killing us. If your thinking of moving here, you better have a great job that pays a lot. I dont think I will miss it to much. Great for raising a family, but with all the growth comes more crime and issues. No perfect place on earth, but I will leave it to the college kids and the ones who want to pay a fortune for a home here. Good-luck. Winters are cold.

Fort Collins, CO

re: Fort Collins - Pros/Cons - 4/6/2008
- 4/21/2014
Low crime yes...Low cost of living, and affordable...NOT. Housing, rent, taxes on property is horrible for a tourist town. It shouldnt be this high. Schools are not that great. Weather, and medical is great. Pay is low in this area.

Fort Collins, CO

Very Expensive - 4/21/2014
Housing and food are so high in cost here. I have lived here for 20 years and ready to leave. I love the weather, but the cost of living and property taxes are to much. It takes 2 people to work and cant save anything. I am to old for the college town. I go downtown and its so full of young people. I know its a college town . To much drinking and because of the economy, we are seeing more people living with others. I dont understand with all the tourist here, why our taxes are so high. I love the mountains and the weather, but the city has changed alot. If you are into the bars and night life, this town is for you. Wages are low with sky rocket prices. I have owned 4 house here and the taxes keep going up. The food is horrible, not very good restaurants. People are somewhat snobby...and hard to get to know. I hope I am not that way after being here for 20 years. I will leave this place to the young at heart. Its not a bad place to live if you make alot of money. I am sure I will miss it.

Colorado, CO

Very High Cost of Living - 4/21/2014
I have lived in Fort Collins for almost 11 years now. The weather is nice but the cost of living is horrible. Everything is going up and the prices of homes is high. I have owned 4 homes here. It takes 2 people to work with tons of overtime to survive. The food here is also bad. I agree with the statements of some of the people...not very good food. I dont like living in a College town, alot of drinking, parties, and the downtown is just full of college kids. The property taxes are some of the highest in the nation with very small land. I love the mountains and fresh air, but we are going to move because the cost of living is to much and cant save anything. The roads are horrible in town. For all the tourist we get and the taxes we pay, I would think we would have better roads, and lower taxes. Its great if your young and love the night life here, alot of bars and drinking. I think I am just getting to old for this place. We moved on the outskirts of town hoping for a peaceful living, and it was not to be...college parties still everywhere even in the expensive homes. The economy has drivin more and more people to live under one roof. Its not the same anymore....off to a cheaper place. I will miss the mountains. Pay is not good here, but everything is much higher in price than most other cities. I will leave this town for the young at heart.

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