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Walnut Creek, CA

re: Beautiful Northern California - 5/1/2006
- 1/20/2012
I lived in 22 cities because of my job marketing director East Coast, West Coast, California, arizona, nevada, New York, Texas and the list goes on. the bay area is one of the best areas that I lived! and this is coming from a person that lived in 22 cities and visited pretty much every single state.

Walnut Creek, CA

re: Walnut Creek CA - 1/2/2012
- 1/20/2012
the Bay Area is amazing, Im a marketing director that lived in 22 cities accross the country, you have no idea, people always complain about every single place, the bad the good. to my ratings of all the cities accross the country that I lived. Walnut Creek and the areas around it are amazing. you are just blessed to live there!! and I can't wait to move back and just settle there. Come to Arizona or Southern California, people are WAY more rude here and racist! you live in an amazing place.

San Diego, CA

re: Native San Diegan Looking Elsewhere!! - 6/3/20
- 1/20/2012
I lived in San Diego for many years and at least in 12 other cities. "I'm a marketing agent" travel all the time and I have to move around a lot, 14 states. you know what, San Diego compare to many cities is HEAVEN!!!! is not as bad as others say, drugs, crime, etc, it's nothing compare to many, many cities. also I don't know why people complain about "minorities" this is America and it's how it is, we have White, Hispanic, black, asian etc. that's how it is here and it will not change. so accept that and just be cool, otherwise you can move to Germany and live with only Germans i don't know. or some honky donky town" in the middle of nowhere and you might not have people around you. I'm white and I pay no attention to any of that race situation. did you know that Anaheim is one of the safest cities in the country, and the majority of people living there are hispanics? so it's not the hispanics or white trash or blacks, it's the rough neighborhoods that you have to avoid, not a race.

Pleasant Hill, CA

re: rent - 2/18/2009
- 1/10/2012
I used to live here, it's very pleasant. the Bart is nearby if you work in San Francisco, just park your car and go! I don't consider Pleasant hill as a big city is size, so I used to hung out more in Walnut Creek but pleasant hill is a nice, quiet place.

Escondido, CA

not too bad - 1/10/2012
some areas are good, other areas are not. I just want to make a short comment aside from that. I don't know why some people refer to "hispanic" as a bad thing. I am hispanic and my wife and we are college grads with good salaries and professional. my wife was born in Huntington Beach and I was born in Costa Rica, her parents are Doctors and my dad is an attorney. I also have many friends that are hispanic and they all go to college, one of them is even a Judge. Yes, I have to accept that there are groups of certain hispanics that live in the chepear areas of a city, sometimes some of them tend to be illegal aliens from Mexico and many others have papers and are just blue-collar workers. we moved back to Irvine because of my job but I am also aware that Anaheim is one of the safest cities in America but it's full of that type of "blue-collar type of hispanics" as you can see they are dangerous or bad people at all. there is good and bad in every race. well the point is that it irritates me when people refer as hispanics as a bad thing, when more than half of them, go to college, many have good professional jobs and are nice, decent people. and for the poor ones, oh well, at least they are trying to feed their families. I'm not against other cultures or ethnic groups, many of my friends are also white, black, asian, etc. but i just wanted to comment on comments about oh too many hispanics in that area bla bla bla.

Temecula, CA

re: re: - 11/28/2009
- 11/15/2011
I would stay in Temecula if I were you.

Temecula, CA

re: Why Temecula - 9/24/2011
- 11/15/2011
I believe you :) looking forward to move there, we are in Phoenix, AZ if you know this place you would know why we want to move to Temecula, CA :) I don't mind summers at 94 degrees instead of 119 degrees.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

re: Great Place to Live if you can Stand the Heat
- 11/15/2011
HEAT? compared to where I live, Phoenix Arizona, summer starts around April and ends in November, we get over 117 degrees in summer and at night around 108 degrees. I don't mind 95 degrees, that would be heaven for me. :)

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