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Menifee, CA | 1 Review(s)

I love animals! Currently I have 7 turtles and 3 dogs one tortoise and 21 koi , 4 ponds. I rescue abandoned turtles I keep here. Dogs and cats I rescue but don't keep st home. I love children and old people too. I'm an artist and I love rocks! A favorite past time is rock hounding in Arizona. I write very interesting stories. I have two sons a step son and five grandchildren. My days are very busy with all I care for. I love gardening too. Hate house work with a passion. Sleep til 11am and stay up til 4am. You'll find me outside at night with high powered binoculars looking at night sky. Live in southern CA. I'm a native of CA. I've lived up and down the CA coast. Love being of service to those who really need help and a friend.


Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Arts, Entertainment, and Media
Enjoys: Art, hiking, exploring, travel, rock hounding, antiques, pond building, gardening


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Oxnard, CA

Shady people everywhere - 11/14/2016
But Oxnard takes the cake hands down. In reply to BOB. A real person living there in Oxnard. My reply to you is I hear you there. The one thing you didn't mention ( hopefully that means you one of the lucky ones) is that most of the under 35yr old population all have records and on probation. Ventura is like that too. But living in Oxnard 2004-2009 you saw a lot of bad policing and bad arrests made. I don't know how it is now. I learned to stay at home and have no friends. It seemed that if you weren't a local you got targeted by those you met to be the fall guy when ever they needed one. It's rough making friends in ventura county period unless you join one of the many groups of gang stalkers who prey on people just for the hell of it and steal peoples identity ( seriously) or belong to one of the street gangs.. and all of it is about the usual things.....like drugs stolen property bully tactics on innocent people, cops who do the same, going to jail, going to jail for nothing, & then breaking the law being on probation. It's what they call family. No thank you.

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