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Las Vegas, NV
re: if you like shallowness, bad professional serv
Posted On: 10/29/2012 12:01:47 AM
Amen. If you have family here (like husband/wife) then it could be okay. It's not for me. Fortunately, I have a good job as a writer and can work nationally ~ rent is cheap. It's disgusting, no sense of community, culture, VERY unfriendly... but you might like it if you enjoy being drunk and gambling

Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas ~ Heaven or Hell ~ Depending....
Posted On: 10/28/2012 11:55:25 PM
If you have family here, such as husband/wife or extended family then I suppose it's not so bad. If you enjoy fretting over what seems the highest car crime in the country? Help yourself...

Casinos can be fun, but I was raised in Pasadena California, so had stuff to do like great hiking, beach or snow all in the same day if you want.
There is NO culture, NO sense of community, but you might like it if all you want to do is get drunk, gamble, and have illicit sex with the hordes of whores that live here... If you say "hi" people look at you like you're insane. I moved here to save money after I lost my teaching job in California ~ THEN?? I moved here, thinking it would be cheaper and fun. BUT, I'm trying to dig my way out AS WE SPEAK! WHY do people raise their kids here? **That is the million-dollar question. Thank goodness, I have a very stable job as a writer, which I can do from anywhere in the country; plus looking to start my own biz soon.

There are some nice people in Vegas. But as a whole? You'll be looking over your shoulders and sweating your car getting broken into. Even in the "upscale" Summerlin area have car break-ins. And if you have to ride the bus? You'll be late half the time, as public tranport is TOTALLY UNRELIABLE, unless your in the middle of the Strip. It's a filthy hellhole of misery... one guy describes it as a "twisted desert cesspool" I beg you do not move here. I'm headed somewhere MidWest from here. SOON!

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