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Annapolis, MD

It's a great city - 2/5/2015
I like the employment opportunities, great if you know people like family out here, very nice people, solid church experiences, lot's growth potential and health potential as a person, fairly insulated from the economy. Close to D.C. and B-More, and lot's of energy though it has crazy drivers, a lot of escorts are here because of the very high crime in the local area, major drug hub between Baltimore and D.C. not very good public transportation, a strange recovery community, no full time jobs in the immediate area, the thinking is not very solid in local government. No sports culture other than boating. B+ experience at best even if your an Type A person.Thankfully, I am very young and can recover the experience, all the older rich retirees have moved out.

Annapolis, MD

Great place to live - 8/29/2014
Very nice people, educated, wealthy, high cost of living, great quality of life, very old fashioned and spiritual. High high crime rate. Tons of healthy people. Good schools, huge income disparity. Great if you have a college degree, the best support programs in the nation, be loyal , go to bat for these people and they will love you and open the door for you. It's becoming more corporate, Silicon Valleyish as well as like Northern Virginia which is good for the economy. Do not get caught in working retail and restaurants, it's like crazy.

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