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Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Computer Services


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Cedar Rapids, IA

Unfriendly folks - 5/18/2015
One thing I've noticed about the people in Cedar Rapids is most are unfriendly. People hear how wonderful and friendly Midwest folks are-well not here. If you wave at someone, there's only about a 20% chance the other person will wave back. Most of the time they'll just look at you. I ran into an employee outside at Walmart and I asked him how he liked the cold weather that particular May day. He said nothing and just looked forward. I thought "another friendly Iowan." Seems like most of the people have a chip on their shoulder. The vast majority of people don't use their turn signals. They are very inconsiderate drivers. Really they are just rude people here.

Colorado Springs, CO

re: Are you moving here? - 11/30/2008
- 9/28/2010
Your obsession with "diversity" makes it sound like you are the true racist here. You assume that everyone in CO Springs are "closet racists" I bet you are one of those that says anyone is a racist that criticizes Obama. You might want to move to San Francisco where you can be around flaming liberals like yourself and you can continue preaching your new found religion called "diversity." With diversity comes crime, so take your pick. Do you want diversity and have to worry about your house getting robbed when you go to work? Nah, diversity isn't important to any normal thinking person. I think you are the real racist with your obsession on diversity. Get a life!

Cedar Rapids, IA

Not for everyone - 2/5/2010
Cedar Rapids is not "a great place to live" like many would have you believe. First off, the flood from 2008 has devastated the city. All we hear about on the news at night are stories about the flood or some business that was affected by the flood. The city is going to take many years just to get back to where it was before that flood even happened. The weather here sucks for most of the year. High temps are below freezing for about 4 months out of the year. It's also politically liberal as well. As a result, high property taxes are also another selling point. There's also lots of interracial dating here. In fact, 93% of all black men have white girlfriends in Cedar Rapids making it one of the highest proportions in the entire US. There are no activities to do except going to a bar. They do have a barbecue roundup in late June in which they charge you $10 just to walk through the gate and then $10 for a tiny plate of 3 ribs. In other words, a rip off. The sun shines about 130 days out of the year with overcast or total cloud cover for the remainder of the year. The summers are very humid as well. If you like living in super cold winters with lots of snow and then sweat like a pig for 3-4 months in the summer, Cedar Rapids would be a great choice. Otherwise, don't move here.

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