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someone trying to get out of michigan


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Battle Creek, MI
Get Out Now!
Posted On: 2/12/2012 8:17:16 PM
Battle Creek is moderately ok in the summer months but any other time it is cold or cloudy and unpleasant. You better have warm clothes to survive the cold winter that always lasts till the middle of April. There is nothing to do unless you have a substantial amount of money. Jobs are few and far between, i have lived in the same moderately nice neighborhood for 14 years and up until 3 years ago there was low crime, now my boyfriend and I have had our cars broken into about 8 times and my back window was shattered due to a paint ball drive-by done by teenagers. This city is no place for teens, though the schools a very good, it lacks any safe affordable places for teens to hangout thus resulting in more teen caused crimes like theft and damage to private properties and stores. if you are thinking about moving here, I strongly suggest you reconsider. There is surely somewhere else you can move to.

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Battle Creek, MI

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