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Madison, WI

Why we like Madison and perhaps why we don't so mu - 2/10/2015
We met at Madison in our 40s and got married. We bought a house in town with a nice yard, close to bus transportation so Jim could get to work and near a good grocery store, parks, schools, and a short distance from our favorite (more pricy) parts of town.

Our home value went up and we really liked our neighborhood and we gardened and could get to intellectual and fun activities as well as the "commons" of our city and area, coffee shops, parks, lakes, rural places nearby, shopping. Friends bought houses not very far from us which was also wonderful.

Kids grew up and moved out and health issues meant that it might be better if we didn't have to shovel, carry salt for softener, work so hard on gardens, or take lots of stairs. So we sold our house and bought a condo on the lake, quite near. It was more expensive but is quite lovely and the living is easy (laundry room just behind the bedroom, for instance.) Also everyone in the building is great. We cooperate well and enjoy each other. More neighborly than the neighborhood. I can garden on my deck and we eat out there, even have a natural gas grill on the balcony. It's a good walking area too and right next to a fabulous botanical garden. Bus location is even better.

We like Madison, WI partially because we are lefties and are worried about what has happened to WI under Scott Walker and the gerrymandering that has put in right wing legislators. Sometimes we think we might move after retirement but hate to leave our friends. We loved Boulder Colorado but I wasn't too impressed with the quality of housing I saw online (I think this place has spoiled me.) The climate there in the summer was fabulous. I'm also thinking of Portland OR because it is supposed to be walkable, have good transportation, and because of the right to die issue. I am 63 and hope to retire in a few years. We won't be rich but do want to live in a city. I spent many years in the country and have had my fill.

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