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Dawsonville, GA

The Essence of a "Good Ole Boy" Small Town - 4/11/2021
After living here for over twelve years, I am qualified to offer unbiased information about life in Dawsonville. For the most part, this is not a place for just anyone to live. It is extremely conservative and lacking diversity. Local government is poorly managed on many levels. Ethnic or minority groups are not generally welcomed. There are always exceptions, but the most friendly faces outsiders are going to meet will be the cashiers at Publix, a truly good grocery store! If you like big trucks, neighbors who fire off 500 rounds of ammo on the weekends, religious folks who try to coerce you into attending their churches and snub you if you don't, and really slow internet speeds, this is the place for you. ATV's abound on and off the road, and there are no noise ordinances or laws against what most people consider cruelty to animals. On the upside, the weather is nice, winters are pretty mild, and the flora is beautiful. There are parks with great walking trails, although one of the major sports parks is next door to a shooting range. The businesses that seem to flourish here sell guns, gasoline, or groceries. As one would surmise, I do not enjoy living here; and, yes, I am moving to a different state.

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