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Gainesville, GA

inflated self-assessment - 7/6/2015
Don't know if it is the proximity to Atlanta that keeps prices high or the rural/frugal thinking that keeps housing opportunities at a minimum, but after living here for a year I STILL cannot find a decent place to rent. Most apartment complexes have poor to horrific online reviews or their annual rent well exceeds a home mortgage. My landlord's deferred maintenance has resulted in the subflooring deteriorating and he charged me for replacing filthy well worn NAVY BLUE carpeting so I could move in. Because there was no other available options and I was running out of time I rented this place without knowing that the bathroom doesn't have heat/ac or that the oven is missing crucial parts for its use. Substandard living conditions for $750 a month and this is one of the good houses to rent. Many houses vacant, but not for rent or sale. Gainesville - gateway to the mountains, but nothing here.

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